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Ok friends I would like your opinion and recommendations of who you believe is the go to person to ask questions regarding specific halloween things.

For example Bob is the go to person if you are wanting to learn about sculpting.

Cheri is the go to person if you want to know about Latex.

Do you know of someone that knows all the history of Spooky Town?

If you know of more then one person that has a specific talent, let everyone know.

This list would be nice in the event someone wants to directly email the member for questions.

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bear for making latex masks.
bodybagging for doing special effects makeup
terra for tombstones
rbc for computer skills and prop making
msmeeples for 3 axis skulls
unorthodox for lighting
these are just some that come to mind

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Wow, we sure do have some talented people on here. Makes me proud to be part of the forum:) I agree with everyone on here so far!

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There's a lot of people on here who are very talented at different things. Sometimes people you wouldn't expect come up with new and interesting ways of doing the same old :)
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