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Glowing Green Slime?

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I started some testing this week. I would like to make my windows or white front door look like it has been hit with very visible green slime. Any thoughts on what to try?

Slimer is going to go under the window on the left and not on the sidewalk.

Light Lighting House Technology Animation

I have a set of these in green I could put over the window.

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I used oogoo (silicone calk and corn starch) mixed with florescent paint for toxic waste. It remains rubbery but if you shine a black light on it it glows. I bet you could also use glow in the dark paint to get it really going. http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Your-Own-Sugru-Substitute/
I would invest in some good quality blacklights and then "paint" slime on the doors and windows with something that phosphoreses but would be easy enough to clean off. Maybe concentrated Rit fabric whitener in dish soap.
I have a recipe for fake latex that comes out more like chunky snot-lol. It dries hard but looks slimmy. You could try that or Ice Gore snot from Stiltbeast.
Do want something like this?

Green Light Wall Architecture Technology

Take some laundry detergent containing phosphors; they glow in black light. You can use liquid detergent or mix some powdered detergent with water to splatter around like you were slimed.

You won't see this in daylight, but it will glow at night.

Downfall - if it rains you'll have to reapply.

I do this in my haunted garage and after Halloween when I spray it all down - I have a clean garage again.:D
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Okay here is another idea for different slime I have in my "toolbox".

Nobody Owens I have seen that pic around for awhile and never knew how it was done. Another thing to add to the "toolbox." Thank you !!!!!
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