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I had been looking at their full body costumes for a long time now, couple years ago, I missed their black Friday special..
when I asked, a few weeks past the deadline because their website still had the discounts, they said they couldn't do it..
SOOO all good, I waited another year, and last year in November 2017 came their BF special 666 $ on most of them.
the one I wanted as on special and decided WTH give it a shot..
Initially it was to be done and shipped in March, when that came and no news, I contacted them and they said when they get back from transworld, they will get orders done and shipped in May iish... ok no big deal, I need it for October 31 st :)
then June and still no news, sent another email with a reply stating they are working on it and should have it early September.. Ok !! all good I guess.. October shows up, still nothing.. by the second week I get a reply that they are working on it, sorry for the delay and it will ship..
It did ship, but got it a week after Halloween :( it will be new for next year I guess ....
I had read negative remarks about the quality and durability.. from what I have seen with mine.

quality looks good, the skirt is made from the cheapest possible fabric but looks good overall, body suit fits tight.
I'm average size 5,10" and 165lbs so, people bigger than that might have issues fitting into them, not all, as I think some look bigger.
the gloves are thick and well made, tight fit too. looks as if they should last..
the mask is really tight to fit on, full head mask but no slits in the back.. it's like putting on an extra tight pool cap on then trying to remove it, or like OJ Simpson trying on the bloody glove :)
I can get it on and it fits well and snug..
overall details are nice, well made.. but I think they black Friday pricing should be full retail and better prices for specials.
don't want to say it's not worth their asking full price, BUUUUT , I was expecting a little better overall.. still happy with it, but more so that I didn't pay full price for it..
I don't think it looks as cool as the site pictures, face seems different..


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I also see several differences between the professional shots and the costume you received. Might just be differences between prototype and final version, so but they should make note that there may be subtle differences on their site.

But the biggest fail is that considering the HUGE amount of time they had between initial order coupled with the very high pricing, the fact that they missed shipping it to you to use on Halloween is just inexcusable. They should have offered you a huge discount (yes, on top of their sale price) in apology or at least a giant sized never-expiring-no-strings-attached discount to use on a future order to make up for the absolutely terrible customer service and fulfillment.
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I agree 100% with you Frankie's Girl,
guessing everyone who bought from them got the same special offer, additional 50$ off on top of the BF discount.
But even if there's a few more I'd like to have.... not sure I want to spend that much on another one and risk not getting that one within a year.

it's the little things that I think a costume of that price from someone with the talent and know..
1- a size chart should be available regular/ large/ X large even if there extra $$ for the X size
2- more attention to details, the hair seems only added last minute not well laid in,
3- skirt could be better materials
4- the thing that I'm least impressed with is the mask, it's still cool, but extremely tight to get on (like real tight) someone who has a claustrophobic issue !!! could panic in it.. the overall look of it, I at least wish it had the same silhouette as the web site version.. to me, this one looks like the spirit Halloween zombie costume, just painted lighter.. ??
overall, it's a nice costume, just expected to be more a WOW , and I'm not one to complain with hand made things, I know they can differ
just that for that price, Mehh.. could have been better, I think !! don't get me wrong, still way better than anything found in stores. like I said, for the price !!
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