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After waiting with bated breath all Summer, they finally arrived! I ordered two GID Bucky skulls from Linda at Skeleton Store.

The packing left much to be desired (one thin sheet of foam wrapping each skulls, no box like the other Bucky skulls usually arrive in...),

Plastic bag Plastic Plastic wrap Room

but the overall quality of the skulls is pretty nice.

For those of you who have seen my GID Bucky, the material is very similar.

Skull Head Jaw Bone Forehead

BUT - the skulls don't "hold a charge" nearly as long as Bucky does.

Green Bone Skull Animation

In other words, if you leave the skulls under a regular lamp or in the sunshine, they don't glow for as long a period of time. HOWEVER - stick those puppies in front of a black light source and they'll glow like mad!

Light Green Blue Lighting Visual effect lighting

Overall, I'd give these guys two boney thumbs up!

Skull Green Bone Head Light
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