Greetings all;
This year's theme will again be Pirates of the Carib-bleedin' (Yarrr! ) and I decided it was time to add a gibbet. I had the time to make two more (yay summer vacation!), so here they are. There are similarities and differences between them.

The first pair of photos shows the 2-piece version. Its top section and bottom sections are held together by the hip-level hoop. (The one nearest the light switch.) The other hoops are for appearance and structural support.
The 3rd photo shows the 1-piece version. That's why its hoops are at different levels from the 2-piece version. It's made from 12-foot strips that are bolted together at the bottom. Its hoops are likewise decorative and structural.

Because of that difference, they have slightly different contours. But they're both made from the same PVC moulding and nuts & bolts, and both are the same price.

Everything is bolted together - no glue - so you can disassemble and store (and transport) these quite easily.
Every horizontal bolt has a spike nut on it. (4th photo)

Most of the gibbets I've seen have 3 pairs of vertical strips instead of two. And there's a 5th ring around the neck. I didn't like how much of the skeleton they covered so I left them out. And by using thicker material, the mechanical stability of the neck ring isn't necessary.

Everything is stainless steel or plastic or painted metal, so you can leave this outside as long as they're cared for. (Take it inside during hurricane season and don't let the neighbor kids use it as a pinata.)

These will hold a standard 5-foot non-Bucky skeleton (from Home Depot, Walmart, Party City, etc.) It's not big enough for the larger medical Buckys.

The lower eyebolt is an attachment for the skull string. Since the eye bolts are held together with a coupling nut, it can be removed if you don't need it. (Replace it with a standard 1/4" nut.)

They're both painted identically. I photographed them in different light so you can see what they'll look like in your display.

I'm posting this for 2 weeks. If they don't sell before August, then I'll offer them online to the muggles who think Halloween is just a holiday.

This will be delivered assembled and for local pick-up only. Why? So you can see how it all fits together and I don't have to make a bomb-proof shipping container.

Happy haunting. 👻