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Giant spider

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I made this spider for this year's Halloween. Actually, just half a spider, it will sit against a wall with only the front legs protruding. I didn't take any pictures of the build itself, because my workplace was such a mess it was impossible to take good pictures in the first place. The spider is made from cardboard, expanding foam, PVC tube, pipe insulation, burlap and the furry remains of a stuffed bear and a stuffed gorilla.

Tree Adaptation Plant

The legs can be detached and taken apart. The body is made from a cardboard frame, filled with some random garbage and PU foam sprayed over it. I glued burlap over it, painted it and then added the fur. The legs are PVC tubes with pipe insulation to make them a bit thicker, followed by burlap and fur. For the eyes, I used plastic spheres I got at a craft store, sanded them, glued them on and put blinking LED lights in them.
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