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Giant spider-sos help.

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We are the candy and halloween house in Austin. My wonderful son wanted to change it up a little this year by adding a spider. Have been traveling for work and wanted to get right on this. Can anyone forward a link for a giant spider outdoor. I'm a one man band on this. We have a slopping lawn 30-40 grade so it will be seen from the street and kids on the bus from school.
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I just bought one of these from Spirit and put it on the roof of my sunroom. I love it and it's been a big hit in the neighborhood. While the spider looks huge inside the house, it suddenly becomes tiny when you get it outside because there's so much more space! It's held up pretty well in the rain and wind. I have it tied to the roof with black rope and is zip tied to the gutters. It's a decent price and worth getting!

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PVC pipe , Exercise ball, kids plastic ball (Walmart) long black fur material (joann fabrics) Floristry Home House Building Plant
if image does mot appear look at my albums
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