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So, it's coming down to the wire preparing for our 14th Annual Halloween Party and I thought I might share some photos of one of the props that are in process.

Last year, our party was themed as a haunted hotel called the Fair~Lane (Scare~Lane) and we're keeping the hotel theme for this year, with a bit of a twist. The hotel has undergone some renovating and we now have the latest in steam-powered technology at our disposal.

As our guests arrive, they are met by our boiler/spider...here are some ideas (in SketchUp) of what I was thinking of...

Room Illustration

Animation Cartoon Adventure game Room Illustration

Imagine that the fire within the furnace/boiler is constantly glowing/pulsating with an orange-red glow...steam (fog machine) is escaping from some of the seams...as the guests approach the porch, a sensor activates the lights within the gauges and dials (the spiders eyes opening) as well as a fan that pushes the fog out through the pipes!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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