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Finally got motivated to finish my giant spider for this year, thought i would share some pics. It stands about 5' at the head, with a good 12-15' leg span.

Basic structure is plywood with stacked insulation foam with a layer of great stuff, then a layer of burlap for the skin. I really like how it turned out with the burlap, it gives it a nice organic texture. I was thinking of painting it darker but I like how it shows up more at night with purple light. The butt is held up with a pipe in the ground and stabilized with fishing line tied to eyelets in the back, then the head is slid on to it and the legs are secured with screws so I can adjust as needed. I wanted it to be pretty stable as I'm expecting people to bump into it on the night of.

I've added more webs and still have to find a spot to put a fogger behind it but overall, I'm pretty happy with it.










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That is a really nifty way of building an outdoor prop and also use up some scrap foam!! I love it!

Also really love that you didn't paint the burlap body. One of the issues is the structure of a large spider sometimes ends up so delicate that once you paint it black/dark, it is really difficult to light well and still be visible... this looks so good and the burlap actually looks more spider-y to me in position.

GREAT job!!
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