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Giant Skeletal Hands--who carried them?

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Any info is helpful, thanks! I found a use for them on the 30th, way too late to find any...but I'd like to get a pair for next year!
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If you are talking about the really giant plastic ones that are meant to be poked in the ground, then Party City had them.
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I have a set of the hugely oversized gloves I got years ago from Halloween Outlet
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Thanks! I was thinking that it was 99 Cents Only, but I couldn't remember. I didn't find any nearby, even in earlier trips...but we don't have a 99CO store here.

Someone in town had a pair of oversized hands clutching their (rural) mailbox, but theirs look like they came off of a gutter ghoul. I guess if I found one cheap enough, I could liberate the hands from it.

I wanted a pair of huge hands to appear to hold open the gates on our arbor that the ToTs had to walk through. I made do with a pair of tiny Blucky hands from one that I wasn't using, but it just wasn't good enough.

I didn't get a shot of the hands, but this is the arbor:


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I should add, most of the cemetery was empty due to high winds. I usually have it full to bursting!
I saw 'em at Party City too. Yard looks awesome, and I love the idea of the hands holding the gates open.
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