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I am thinking about some kind of Jack in the box for next year. I was wondering if anyone has made their own springs before for something like this.

I like to dig holes in my garden (my wife is never happy about this) so I was imagining something that could spring up 8 or 10 feet? Maybe 1 foot in diameter.

I think the control could be a simple remote that unlatches the lid. If you could wind some kind of wire around a large diameter pipe to make the spring and then stitch up a long tube of material for the body (like a jack in the box) so you stuff the whole thing into the box (which is buried level with the grass) and then it springs up out of the grave when you hit the switch.

It all sounds do-able but I will have to experiment with the type of wire to use to make the spring. I think it could be very tall if you had the right wire. It needs to be light enough that you can easily stuff it back into it's box but strong enough that it doesn't flop over when its time to spring up.

Any ideas?
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