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I would encourage anyone with even a bit of patience to try the Arduino.
My computer programming knowledge is very limited! Some "Basic" on a "Commodore 64" way back in the 1980's. With the internet and U-tube now - lots of information and video tutorials.

The parts were cheap! I didn't buy an Arduino kit but just the Arduino Uno board and a 4 relay board.
You need 6 pieces of Dupont wires to connect them together. Prices shown below are Canadian $

I got the parts from Amazon for way less than a FrightProps controller would have cost me!

Hooking it up was easy! You need power wire from 5V pin on Arduino to Vcc pin on relay board and ground wire from GND pin on Arduino to GND on relay board.
Then 4 wires from pins 2,3,4,5 labeled "DIGITAL (PWM)"on Arduino to IN1,IN2,IN3,IN4 on relay board. Thats it! Easy! And the Elegoo stuff has very nice labeling on the black plastic. No soldering - just plug wires in! Easy!

Now you can wire your prop to the relay screw terminals the same as any prop controller or relay.
Center screw is common and one side is normally open - switches closed by relay.....other side is normally closed and switches open by relay.

Now you have to program it to do what you want..... don't be intimidated by this!!!
I found a basic program example called a "Sketch" in this tutorial HERE
It also walks you through hooking up the 6 wires I already explained.....
I used his basic program and expanded on it to suit my prop..... here is the first part of my "Sketch"

I use LOW to turn relay on and HIGH to turn relay back off. Just so the red led on relay board would light when that relay was energized. It made it easier for me.... doesn't mater as long as you have relays doing what you want. Don't forget to turn relays off after the desired time delay or they will stay on.
Add "delay(2000)" where ever you want a delay (2000 = 2 sec) (500 = .5 sec) and any time works....
When it runs the program and gets to the bottom of program it loops back to top and starts over.
This part will require a bit of testing and changing time values etc....till you are happy with result.
You download the program or "Sketch" from you computer to the Arduino with supplied cable by one click on the arrow at top of computer screen for "download" .......easy! If you have any errors it will tell you and you can fix them.

I had a bit of an issue with only a couple relays working at first and it was because I tried to run Arduino off the same 5V power supply that runs prop motors. I figured it ran off the USB on the computer which is 5V....? WRONG....!
The Arduino needs more than 5V on power jack to work properly..... specs say 7-12V to feed into power jack plug.
There is a built in voltage regulator on Arduino board that brings it to 5V.
Apparently you can feed Arduino with 5V directly on Vin pin... but they say it must be a well regulated 5V.
My 5V supply was not consistent and varied when motors ran and stopped.
I powered Arduino with the 12V 5Amp power supply that runs my other 12V relays and the Lepy amplifier.
Problem solved and all worked perfect. You can power Arduino with a separate 12V 1 Amp power adapter.

Hope this inspires you to have a go at your own prop controller....!
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