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I just got my hands on one of their urethane heads and a couple bucky
lids. The head had great detail ,and the bucky lids were great and cheap
too. there shipping was fairly quick. ghostride productions is a great company
to do business with.
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Have you tried calling them? We ordered a head and hands about a month before MHC for one of our displays. We had a small issue with the head they sent, and they offered to send a replacement ASAP. We ended up opting to get another set of hands to match the head which they mailed on Monday (I notified them on Friday of our issue). The new hands came in a few days and looked great. I met Michael at MHC and he did say they are going to be revamping their site this off season. I did talk to someone there on the phone and she was very nice and helpful. I was just looking at some stuff last night as we are probably going to be ordering another head and hands for a new project we are working on.

I hope you are able to get ahold of them and order your stuff.

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