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ghostride productions

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I just got my hands on one of their urethane heads and a couple bucky
lids. The head had great detail ,and the bucky lids were great and cheap
too. there shipping was fairly quick. ghostride productions is a great company
to do business with.
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dr dark
please post a review of your head and hands when they arrive (w/pics if possible)

I had e mailed them about one of their manniquins. They offered to come down a bit in price to shipp one w/o the armature.

Unfortunatly, I was able to get a cheaper maniquin on ebay.
But I may still need hands, hence the interest in their quiality.

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I ended up ordering a set of hands to be color matched to a Frankenstein bust I had.
I was surprised to see how close they came from an emailed pic of the bust.
The hands were very detailed. great quality, reasonable price and pretty fast turn around.
what a great experience.

So when I wanted color matched hands for a witch, I knew where to go. Or at least I thought.
turns out I had to cancel the order. I was running out of time . Based on my past experience I had ordered in plenty of time.
But hey, sometimes things happen.

so this year I sent an e mail asking if they think they could make the hands by end of sept.
No response. SO I figure, no, they cant.

Moving on. I decided to order stock mummy hands.
the order said I would get an invoice.
No confirmation e mail. a week later no invoice.
e mail sent. no response.

its really frustrating because I had one great experience and was hoping to source other items.

so how long should I be waiting before I start looking for another source.
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