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Ghostbuilders Flying Crank Ghosts

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Hi all-

I stumbled upon this website today and love the Christine ghost. Does anyone here have one of these crank ghosts? I don't know that my little wispy tree can hold her and am looking for some feedback on the product and hanging if you have any experience. Also, they recommend using a blacklight from above. Has anyone used a purple/black spotlight or blue spotlight from below/ground level? Thanks!
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I've got one that I picked up last year. I would suggest building a four post box. You can use 2"x2"s or 2"x4"s. I used 2x4's cut 6' long. I drilled a 1/2" hole in the bottom of each post, about 4" deep and slid a wood dowel into the wood and buried another 12" into ground for support. I cut a piece of plywood using a 4' by 8' and cut it to 4' by 4'. This I used for the top. I ran another 2x4 down the underside of the top so I could hook the ghost to the wood. I painted all of it black, used wood screws to screw the top to the top of each 2x4. I picked up black cloth at Wal Mart for dirt cheap and connected that to the sides of the 2x4 posts. Quick, easy, no time to set up no time to take apart. I also used a black light inside to highlight the ghost.
Others here on the site of gone all out with their's and they have posted pictures, some are fantastic. Mine, well I plan on a more extensive build but again the point is support. A weakling tree probably won't work for what you really want to do.
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