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Ghost Sighting

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Sorry about the horrible video, but I just grabbed my cell phone camcorder quickly so I didn't miss it. :eek:

YouTube - Ghost Sighting
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Cool video! Next question is how did you do it?
Here's How

Sorry about the Blair Witch Project audio - taking it to the next level. :D

This is another version of the Pepper's Ghost. Big Scream TV does this as well. My laptop's screen is opened flat while looping "Little Leota" from the end of the Haunted Mansion in Disney. A piece of plexiglass is at a 45 degree angle on top reflecting the image from below. It looks very realistic in person.

Does anyone have any ideas for an enclosure in an outdoor setting? I was thinking of putting it inside of a miniature mausoleum. Or, maybe, a gravestone topper. I just need to frame the edges of the glass to complete the illusion.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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