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O-k, I asked this all around, and no one knows the answer, so hopefully someone here can help me. In 1990-91, I saw this thing on TV, whether or not it was a TV show or film, I am not entirely sure, but it was live action and it was shot in color. This is all I can remember.

I remember a woman laying in bed in a pitch dark bedroom, can't remember what the woman looked like, but I think she had light long brown hair. I think she was finishing reading, and had a lamp beside her bed, which I think was on. She hears a noise, we then see someone dressed up as a ghost wrapped underneath a bluish sheet in the hallway, there were brown walls. I do not think the ghost had hands, feet, or a face, but it was quite some time ago, so do not quote me on this. From what I can remember, after we see the woman in her room asking if someone is there, we see this ghost figure in the hallway creeping up two sets of stairs (banisters). When it finally approaches her room and floats still in the opened doorway, the room is still pitch black, I think the woman called out someone's name, probably the name of someone she knew, for some strange reason I am thinking it was a man. The ghost did not say anything then flew towards her. The woman, while still laying it bed, looking up at it, screaming and fussing, trying to kick it away with her legs. The ghost did nothing but stared down at her and floated in front of her constantly lowering its head, as if it wanted to attack her, but physically could not. For this reason, I think the ghost came back to revenge.

I know this is not much to go on, and no one I spoke to about this remembers it at all, but I swear I saw it. I saw it many years ago, but I remember it vividly as if I saw it yesterday. I could be mismatching scenes, but from what I described previously, I clearly remember. I do not think this is a film, most likely a ghost reenactment TV show. I thought it was Unsolved Mysteries, but I ordered the four disc set, which contains all the ghost episodes, and it is not on there. However, this show or film, whatever it is, had a very similar atmosphere. I cannot remember if I saw it on the Discovery or Sci-Fi channel, but it looked as if it was on either of those two channels.

Can anyone please help me? For the life of me, I cannot figure this out at all. I have searched all over, on ghost forums, in movie stories, elsewhere on the internet, and I cannot find anything on this. Does this seem familiar to anyone at all? Please help, thanks in advance.
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