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ghost ride life size talking animated skeleton!

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selling a ghost ride productions animated skeleton this is a full size skeleton not just the skull he looks corpsed like. Comes with a controller you will need speakers he also comes with instructions, his head moves side to side, eyes moves and mouth. Paid 1600 on this guy also comes with 2 audio cds with haunted house rules and other sayings. You can re program him how ever you want too with the instructions. I am asking 700 obo pick up only. Head and eye movements are controlled by you and recorded to a chip on controller, mouth is driven by audio similar to autotalk board. The skull sold for $1299 you get the whole body with stand!! 700 obo would ship but I think it would be expensive maybe around 80 or so if interested pm me.

Here is a video its not mine but the skull is the same one I have plus mines is a full body

Here are some pics of the one that's for sale the wig is removable its a full body with feet on a steel base.


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would ship remember this is a full size prop not just the skull he is a corpsed skeleton.
if your going to transworld come by Oak Lawn and pick him up.
sold thanks still have other props for sale.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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