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Ghost Pirate Hologram

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As my theme is Dead Pirates this year, I have been looking on-line and in the stores for a DVD like the Atmosfear style ones that have ghost/skeleton pirates on theme that I wanted to project onto my garage door, but I can't seem to find any on this theme. Do any of you guys already have one, or know where I could get one? :confused:
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I posted a couple on this thread

it's about half way through (sorry I couldn't pull it for u but I'm swamped today). I posted a couple u can purchase but there is a free one I also posted off of youtube. It is a moving portrait where a Captains photo turns into a living portrait...if u recut it to not show the original picture it might work for your application. He also has a speech.

If I get time later I'll see if I can locate it if u haven't found it...
I have thought about that too, but I really wanted the pirates to look really ghostly/floating like the ones do on Atmosfear ones and can't find those from the movies/utube clips :( I have had a look on the link you sent, but living in the UK is a problem as won't deliver:(
Hi, yes I found it thanks, it is really good, just having a play around see what I can do with it:)
Thanks for that, they have some really good ones and as they sent to download rather than DVD, don't have the usual problem of non-delivery to UK:)
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