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This was a game we did 2 years ago when our party theme was Ghostbusters. I went around and took photos of the faces of props and decorations. I wrote up a page explaining that ghosts have escapes from the Ecto-Containment Unit and it was their job to find them. On the sheet were about a dozen "mug shots" of the ghosts (the props and decorations mentioned before) and a hint - i.e. "she likes to hang out around graveyards" - this would be a prop in my cemetery outside, for example. The guests would fill out where they located the ghost and submit them. Everyone who hunted ghosts got a certificate:


I then chose the one that was the most correct (no-one found them all) and gave them a prize.

There was a lot of guest involvement, including sharing where they found ghosts with other players - and it got people looking at all of the props and decorations, which was nice.
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