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Hello. I am selling two Ghost Girl props from Spirit Halloween. Both are in original box. I bought new 2015, one in store, one online. Never been outdoors. They are both in awesome condition visually. Both are slightly defective. One works perfectly, except its arms don't wave. $125 plus cost to ship. The other doesn't rise (except occasionally, if you really fuss with it) and as a consequence the head also doesn't lift up at the end of the rising motion, but everything else works perfectly, including the waving arms. The head is only nodded a little downward, it's not a dealbreaker by any means. $100 plus cost to ship.

I suspect Ghost Girl in general tends toward defects; I own three and the only one that works perfectly is the only one I bought used. But if anyone has one, they know that this is a visually stunning prop in a window, either with or without blacklight. This is one of my five favorite props, and I have scores. I would have kept all three but looking to move, and into a smaller house, so will be getting rid of stuff I have extra of or don't like as much.

Thanks for looking!


P.S. The head can be held erect with a twist tie. Also, while I haven't tried this, its possible if you shortened the pull string the head would still rise. Lastly, if you lift the one that doesn't rise it will lower mechanically, and sometimes rise again, but not usually. Point being that perhaps, if you know about these things, its an easy fix (but am not sure).
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