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Ghost Girl 2011

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Hey all! I haven't posted in quite a while and what better time than now to post pics from last year! :rolleyes: Oh well, at least I'm finally getting them up. After doing almost nothing new for 2010, I had planned to get a bunch done in 2011 aaaand once again life got in the way. But I did manage to complete a few things although it came down to last minute and I had to make due with what it was. But I know I'm preaching to the choir. I apologize for the pictures ahead of time, I was so rushed that all I have are pics taken from my phone and others that I have gotten from people that were there, so they aren't the best.

So one of the larger projects I worked on last year was a ghost girl sitting on a tombstone, that I was going to illuminate with blacklight. I started with a PVC frame which ran inside a standard foam tombstone. The head was carved out of a styrofoam craft ball. The eyes are ping pong balls which I cut a hole in and mounted an led in to illuminate them from within. Then I mounted them in the head and covered everything with paper mache.

I made the limbs out of Model Magic and newspaper mache over pvc.

I wired the limbs to the frame and when I got them positioned the way I wanted I hot glued the hands and feet to the stone.

Finished with the eyes and heart lit.

And lit with blacklight as well.

The tombstone slides down on rebar so it can sit at an angle.

And a bad picture sorta showing it lit outside lol.

There are more pics in the album. Anyways, Thats it! Thanks for looking!
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That is wayyyy cool! I love how cute the little feet look. Nothing says creepy like ghost kids in a graveyard. Awesome work.
Oh I love her! Well done, she looks creepy but so sweet at the same time.
Oh man I LOVE HER! That is an unreal job! Seriously creepy!

I also love the weeds you planted around the stones, a very simple, yet effective touch! Also, I'm assuming you used the water drip method to paint your stone? Looks great!
Awesome! Simple yet very effective!
I echo the comments of the others. Great job. Love the Tim Burton-esque look for your cemetery.
I echo the comments of the others. Great job. Love the Tim Burton-esque look for your cemetery.
What he said
Great job..Love it!
Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I absolutely LOVE her!!!
She looks so cute! Great job! I want one!
Is this the tombstone of the year already? Where to start with the adjectives... The sheer originality, the beauty, the creepiness, the wonder...all wrapped up in this incredible marvel.

<standing ovation>
oooooo!! I love love love her!!! AW, I so want one!!! :D
Fantastic job! I just love her. Excellent job on the feet. She is so cute, yet so creepy... :)
Love her...I just want to hug her and take her home :)
When I first saw this wonderfully creepy little girl, I was at work. One of my co-workers was looking over my shoulder and saw her too. He asked me if I was going to buy one and where do you get it from? As if! She is so original. Very good idea, excellent work! HM
1 - 20 of 49 Posts
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