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My son has been asking me about foam pumpkins and the best places to get them, and I've been telling him Michaels usually has a lot, but they are the long, tall, ones or the short, round, ones that are small and no one really sells nice tall round ones. Saturday I was into the local Lowes, and they have the best looking foam pumpkins I've ever seen. They are perfect color, shape, and size.

I called up my son and said "Man, you gotta get over to Lowes. They've got awesome pumpkins!" He asked me how much they were and I said "Hold on and I'll check." I picked one up to check the price and immediately realized the reason the pumpkins looked so real is they are real. :) I've just gotten so used to seeing foam pumpkins everywhere but grocery stores that I never thought to consider they could be real. :(

Oh well... Chris has to keep looking for the perfect pumpkins.
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