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Getting 'Prizes' to people?

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I have had issues over the years of being overwhelmed with the party that I have a problem with following up with prizes for games and costumes. I catch most people, and deliver Prizes after the party, but looking for ideas.

For costume we have done different things, voting, take time to count up votes. Best one for me was the year I tied it in with Tempt your Fate game, one of the fates was chose best....costume, gave prize right then.

I do a guess how many candies... Winners have left before I look at the sheet

We have a Find.... and again Winners have left before answers are gone through.

I have a core group that helps me and they all get special gifts, some of them are still getting their gift 3 weeks out.

I admit, sometimes prizes are given to those who are still here ( always get the real winner of guess the candies ) again, looking for ideas on doing this better.
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Okay, as I wrote this out I started to think of a way to do something next year, sometime you need to 'journal' to come up with an idea.

Next year I think I am going to have whoever comes up to the Bar at a certain time have 5 minutes to get feedback on who they think should be chosen for Best ? Costume, prize given then, they choose, pressure off of me.
Hi Natascha,

I totally understand about journaling as a good way to see a new way of thinking!!! :D I don't know if this will help you but what we did at our Halloween party was have everyone in the costume contest line up and not just model their costume but they had to "sell" their costume!!! It was hilarious and everyone from the contestants to the judges enjoyed watching them 'sell' their costume/character. After the last person was done . . . the contestants turned their backs to everyone and the judges (everyone not in the contest) clapped for each contestant as hubby pointed to them until it was clear some were out. Then the people left still had their backs turned and hubs would say "judges clapped for "best___" or the "funnest____". That way the judges didn't feel bad for voting like they do and it took all the pressure off of me picking the winners! After that we did a Monster Freeze Dance for prizes (that is just like it sounds). I'd stop the music and call out a winner! You can't fathom what some people will do for a prize!!! LOLOLOL. Man I wished I'd taken pics of them in al their contorted glory!!! Lolol.

I hope this helps!

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Thanks, that does help! I like the idea of peoples back turned!!
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