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4-10 guests can play for 60-90 minutes. If you can read and write, you can manage a game of Halloweeja: the ultimate Halloween party board game. Printed as ordered by the magic at The Game Crafter, you will take turns asking each other wacky, Halloween themed questions from the Book Of Hijinks. There are no right or wrong answers. Match players to their replies. Each YES lets you move that much closer to a letter you need. If the Halloweeja Board reveals your PASSWORD first you win.

But beware: Creature Cards can be either a trick or treat, and help or hinder anyone in the game. There are 53 individual cards. Not all appear in every game. And that letter you revealed may be the exact thing someone else needs to win too.

The Print And Play for 4 players is FREE at Halloweeja.com

The Game Crafter has the original game for $35.99 and the budget friendly "Ghost Light Edition" for $24.99

See what the professional reviewers have to say! Father Geek and Indietabletop both gave honest opinions. Read the reviews at http://halloweeja.com/reviews/

Learn to play by video tutorial or see the rules online here, at Halloweeja.com

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