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ClearCut is helping Haunters get organized!

Now through Monday (5/25) to celebrate the Memorial Day Weekend, ClearCut is offering a 35% off discount on our Prop & Costume Manager software.

Screen shots, video, and more details at: ClearCut Prop & Costume Manager

ClearCut Prop & Costume Manager

Features & Benefits

  • Track your props, costumes, tools, and lighting by building, location, and vendor.
  • Keep track of maintenance history and costs.
  • Record lost, stolen, damaged, or sold props and costumes over the years.
  • Attach files such as user manuals.
  • Value props and costumes based upon purchase history and depreciation.
  • Sign In/Out props and costumes and keep track of usage history.
  • Ability to build and print a hardcopy catalog of your props and costumes for internal use.
  • Maintain insurance records in the event of a loss.
  • Batch update for quick modifications to your records.
  • Extensive reporting.
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