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Get Back To Clowning

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Hi Guys, I haven't been on the forum for a while as sadly my Grandma passed away in January. We were exceptionally close, and I looked after her the week before and was with her when she passed away. I kind of thought that trying to be crafty and make a start on all these big ideas I had for my Carnival theme would help me take my mind of things a bit but it hasn't really worked and I can't seem to get going just feeling completely lost at the minute. I have however, enjoyed reading what you have all been up to anyway, and seems it is going to be another good prop making year.
I am definately going to make a start though, as I think most of my 'craftiness' comes from my Grandma, as we used to spend ages making fancy dress costumes, decorated eggs, Christmas decorations, Easter bonnets etc and before she was poorly she loved Halloween herself, and was running around as a ghost in her 80's! She was a wonderful person and a great inspiration, so I will give it another go and report back with any possible creations!
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Sorry to hear of your loss. I can relate as I was raised by my grandma. When she passed it was a very difficult transition to any busyness related to holidays. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes of your creativity. Perhaps the flow of ideas/ mood will come better if you plan to dedicate this season to her and her love of Halloween. :)
Thanks for the message, sorry to hear that your Grandma has also passed away. It's a nice idea to dedicate Halloween to her this year, I know what you mean regarding holidays, we have Mothers Day coming up shortly in March and this was always special for us as my Mum, Gran and myself always used to the spend the day together, then we have her Birthday in April, I suppose getting these first ones out the way will be the hardest. But I am attempting to make a start, as on with a ticket booth that will be manned by a clown, so we will see how it goes!
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