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I'm from ThatsMyFace.com where we make custom photorealistic facial sculptures from two uploaded portrait photos of someone.

We have a range of products based on one's 3D facial reconstruction, such as custom action figure heads, facemasks, busts, boxes and they are all available in custom sizes.

You can view a quick video overview of the website here: youtube.com/watch?v=zkOtuyWgWCY

This might be of interest to the Halloween/Horror community.

Thanks for reading,


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Wow .. that is SUPER !
Now , the only problem I see with these , is ...

1) is , if your face is THAT ugly that you would replicate it for a Halloween mask - LOL
2) How would you know if its the REAL you ? ( LOL )
3) Would you be cheating on your wife , if you had marital affairs with her , wilst wearing your own mask ? ( LOL )
4) if you put your mask on , and after wearing it for a little while .. would you get the urge to blurt out loud " SMOKIN >>>>>> "
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