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After a few groups had passed through Ravens Grin, a group of newbies showed up to play Hyde & Shriek here.
This house has 5,000sq, unusual "Feet" with many odd passages, hidden passages,hidden, secret doors and just plain goofy things too!
As they discovered one such odd place, they decided to check it out by putting one person down this small opening, which was a smart decision since there was only room for one person at a time.
They are on hands and knees on a small cart, there is a rope tied to the cart. The tunnel is not large enough for a large adult, these are teenagers.
The tunnel is maybe almost 20 feet long (but they didn't know that!) It was also pretty dark.
Down the tunnel went the boy on the cart.
"Stop! Pull me back!"
They pulled him back. Another boy got on the cart, down the tunnel he rode, then stopped.
"There is something here, Pull me BACK!"
He was also pulled back
A third one tried it.. "There seems to maybe be a door at the end of this tunnel? IT JUST OPENED! PULL ME BACK!" PULL ME BACK NOW!"
When the door opened it was silent until the last little bit then a slight "Creek!" was heard, then the mystery door slowly... closed!
Eventually, finally, a few were foolhardy enough to go through the creeking passageway door...then they and myself were working to contain our laughter as more were So Scared of all of these slight sensations and a strange situation they were finding themselves in.
The Really Funny Thing to me is, none of this would have ever happened IF over the years some of my helpers and probably some patrons had not been tying so many knots in the pull-me-back rope, making it too short to allow fast and easy travel completely to the end of the tunnel!
This place they found themselves in,and numerous other little odd things all added together to create a whole new fun thing for Jim to do and enjoy here!
A few slight innocuous events, added up to scare these kids.
Of course their own imaginations did help this to happen...give me "Subtle" any night of the week.. and I will "Milk" it for all the odd, fun times it's worth!

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"Perfection!" Well, thank you!
I will know for sure, 110% when some of those kids return , bring friends with them , but won't tell their friends much about the house, because they wish for them to experience it UN-tainted by preconceived notions from rumors.
Thanks Again.
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