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Hey there folks. I'm selling a used Fortune telling witch animated prop back from 2008. I'm selling her AS IS, that means, no returns.
She's got all her pieces and comes in her original box. She's got flaws that can be fixed: Her jaw does not move any more, the skull's jaw doesn't either. Yet she still rocks side to side, lights her eyes on and of and has her mic option.

I bought her for 250, but due to flaws, I'm selling her for 100, non negotiable, plus shipping depending on the quote.

It ships from Tempe AZ. No local pickup available.

Here's a video I took of her years ago, just take into consideration she does not move her jaw any more. It won't be available for shipping until August the 4th.

I do have paypal. Any doubts, feel free to write them.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27ViryOPlIk
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