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gemmy witch with cauldron

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Recently I posted on here the problems that I was having with my gemmy witch with cauldron. It looked like it wasnt getting enough power.It would play for a few seconds than go out. I loved this witch so much that I went to walmart today and picked up another one. To my surprise this new witch takes to plugs to power it up. Any thoughts on that.
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I have the stirring cauldron witch. The eyes quit working after 1 season...any help on that would be appreciated too.
quit working how? what do they do, or rather not do?
The new ones have two plugs in them because they didnt produce enough power
My Gemmy witch from last year took two power plugs as well. There must be two models, and you got an old model last year.
The witches have a sound track, an animated torso, and eyes that light up and move when she is talking, and a water-mister in her cauldron that has a turn-table that makes her stir, a motion detector, a remote microphone and an auxilary audio input.

There have been a lot of problems with the eyes. I haven't had problems with power on mine which, has only one plug.
I did some reading and found out if the head isn't on good enough then the eyes won't work.

I just took her out and she is working.

The other problem i had with her was using an auxiliary audio source. I had to turn on the remote microphone and put it next to her or she would buzz and act spastic. I don't know what that is about. I haven't seen any threads or information about the audio on her.

I'll look more into the audio and see if any other issues came up in the last year.
She was a bargain for $99 considering people sell her for over $200. I got her from Albertsons but she had a Garden Ridge marking on the box so I don't know if she was a return. This will be my 3rd season with her so I hope she makes it through this year with no problems.

On the plus side..... people like her even if she just sits there with a misting cauldron. She is a good static prop.

I think this year I will just use the built in sound track and make sure she is well lit so the motion detctor will work.
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Gemmy seems to have lots of problems w/ all their animated props. I have the shaking zombie guy. He lasted all of 3hrs b4 his torso fell/broke right off of him. Of course he worked for a few hrs/days leading up to halloween. I have his torso zip tied on now and he shakes very little now. His sound is still good tho.
It seems most of the props were not designed to withstand several hrs of working. If your good w/electronics you can look up those sites that have supplies for making computer/robotics. They have lots of stuff you can use if know that kind of thing. Unfort I dont.
Still love my gemmy tho.
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