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Gemmy Witch OMG

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Well I ordered the Gemmy Witch with the cauldron from Walmart.

The first one the cauldron did not work. so I reloaded her back into my Mustang (fun fun) and returned her, and ordered a second.

The second one shows up, again fun getting her home, set her up and she dose not speak. I was so upset! I look into returning her, but Walmart is sold out.

I looked for tips on fixing her, my husband finally gets out an old speaker to try and see if it is the speaker or the 'board'. While he is struggling with holding the speaker in place, and it did not work. I actually look down and ask him "You did try the volume knob right?"

Short Story Long. She is working and I Love her!!
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Great story - and I wonder just how many times it happens during the season?
One other thing to watch - make sure her head is on tight, and that the lever in the back clicks into place. When I set her up this year, I thought she'd finally given up the ghost. But took off the head and reattached tight, and all was fine.
Yep, she's a great little prop!
LOL natascha - that is SO me and my hubby!!!

Glad you got her to work!!
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