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Gemmy witch at Walmart Worth it?

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I have wanted the animated witch for a couple of years, this year she would really fit in with the theme at $140ish .. is she worth it??
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I purchased the witch last year and had no major pronlems. Very nice looking prop with very nice looking costume, much better than most store bought props IMO. The one I got from Lowe's came with a wireless microphone so I enlisted the help of my mother-in-law to bring the witch to life. She had a perfect view of ToT's as they came down the driveway towards our gated entrance. Many people weren't sure if the witch was a person or a prop; it was great. The witch also has a input jack to connect an audio source (cd player, i-pod, etc).

Towards the end of Halloween night she was doing a bit of squeaking when she swayed back and forth while stirring the cauldron but I suppose a little WD-40 would probably remedy that.

This year I'm planning on building a wood shed style shelter to showcase her complete with child sized robed skeletal helpers, table, shelves, and as much detail work I can create with as little money as possible.

Bottom line, at that price, if you got the cash and she fits your haunt, I would purchase the witch again.
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