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Hey, I don't know if this thread exists for this year, but if it doesn't, I'd like to start talking about possible predictions for these year's props. As you know the hatbox ghost has reappeared in the haunted mansion after 45 years of not being there, and fans are going wild about it (including myself) any possibilities gemmy (a disney prop maker) might be considering on making a hatbox ghost prop? or even doing their own generic version of it (like Donna the dead being "Grudge" and so forth) ? Do any of you have access to sunstar catalogues and has any pictures or info for this year?

Last year and the previous to that one was a disappointing one in what concerns gem my. Yet Tekky and other new halloween prop makers did a great job. Do you think Gemmy will get back on track and change its market aim back to that of 2007 or will it continue to evolve in a tacky-just inflatables- christmaslike stuff?

All your opinions and commentaries are accepted.
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