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So I was digging through storage and came across an old gemmy Spirit Ball from 2008/2009. The photo attached is taken by "Ghost of Spooky," so I won't take any credit for it. But since I didn't have my phone on my to snap a picture, nor could I find any production pictures of the prop- it was the best I could find. It's the top one, in the silver and red turban. He's suffered some wear, however. He doesn't come with his original box, one of the feet snapped off and took the pegs that insert into it with it (which can be fixed with some glue), and his AC/DC port doesn't work. I'm assuming there's some loose wires in there somewhere. It's probably not a big fix, but either way he still works with batteries. Rather well, actually. The actual sphere is pretty clear of any kind of scratches, and he's in pretty much new condition otherwise.

I'm not sure how much he goes for- but i'm honestly willing to take offers. I do know, however, that shipping is going to be around $20-$25 because of the box size I will have to ship him in.

PM me, guys! I need him out of here.


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