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Gemmy Skull Hack DONE!!!

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Damn easy. I thought I would be drowning in this project. It took around 1 hour to complete. Pinball repair skills helped. I used a Midify board, Minisport 1x1 and Sonar software. The only issue I have is the eyes move in one direction then stop until the polarity is fixed. Once I move the polarity they then go to the other side then stop. It's not a real big deal but i'll take suggestions. I may just not use them at all. Here are the result.

I still have to tweak a few things but i really didn't know what to test it out with so I found this on youtube. Took about 5 mins to do.

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Yeah it's pretty easy to do. I suggest using a 5 volt plug instead of the batteries. The Midify board fits perfectly inside the skull. I didn't need the on/off switch or motion sensor so most sets of wires are cut out but these:

Orange/Brown=Motor #1 (Mouth)
Orange/Black= Motor #2 (Eyes)

You can even add LED #2 if you have some laying around...maybe red eyes. Anyway still having problems with the eye movement. Still gets stuck either all the way to the left/right because the polaity needs to swap on the fly and can't think of a way to do it.
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