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Gemmy Skeleton Spirit Ball

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Hello to everyone here. I am a new member but was a guest for about a year and I learned soooo much from many of you. I hope someone out there can help me with this because I am spent. I am broke and I can not afford to buy the wrong thing again.
I have three gemmy skeleton spirit balls that I got on sale from Target last year. I want to hack them to sing and talk from a sound track that I have been working on. I have read a lot of threads but I am still having trouble. I am not a tech person...I do better with step by step. I have managed to get to the guts of two of them and tried to twist wires and stuff but nothing is happening. I got the mouth to open with a walwart but thats it. I read that I needed a "color organ"...so I went out to an electronics store here in Houston and after two hours of being in the store I walked out with a "light organ" because that was all they had. I solder it toghter and nothing! I can afford about 20 to 40 dollars more towards the electronic side of this project, but I need to get the right thing with good steps. Please....can anyone help me with this?
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Well someone correct me if I'm wrong but I thought only the microphoned version of the spirit ball could be hacked to connect to your own audio track and have the prop move like it was talking to the new dialog. If so that could be a problem to begin with if the Skeleton Spirit ball doesn't have a microphone. I never actually saw this version of the spirit ball so don't know what it's capabilities are.

Caspersgirl if you do have a wireless mic version of a skeleton spirit ball, maybe this tutorial can help you. It's OpenTrackRacers hack of the microphoned White Haired Spirit Ball. My husband and I have done OTR's tutorial on our own white haired guy and he works fine so I can recommend it to you. The parts weren't that expensive either but you need to have the right prop to hack to begin with.

Gemmy Crystal Ball audio line-in hack by OpenTrackRacer

Regarding the Halloween or the Christmas Lighting FX boxes, so far based on numerous requests for them, they are either sold out or discontinued so far. I keep looking for the Xmas version since it's the same thing and much cheaper and nothing is coming up. Besides I don't see how that device will allow you to import audio so that the mouth and face move to the dialog. Am I wrong about that?
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