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Gemmy Skeleton Spirit Ball

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Hello to everyone here. I am a new member but was a guest for about a year and I learned soooo much from many of you. I hope someone out there can help me with this because I am spent. I am broke and I can not afford to buy the wrong thing again.
I have three gemmy skeleton spirit balls that I got on sale from Target last year. I want to hack them to sing and talk from a sound track that I have been working on. I have read a lot of threads but I am still having trouble. I am not a tech person...I do better with step by step. I have managed to get to the guts of two of them and tried to twist wires and stuff but nothing is happening. I got the mouth to open with a walwart but thats it. I read that I needed a "color organ"...so I went out to an electronics store here in Houston and after two hours of being in the store I walked out with a "light organ" because that was all they had. I solder it toghter and nothing! I can afford about 20 to 40 dollars more towards the electronic side of this project, but I need to get the right thing with good steps. Please....can anyone help me with this?
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