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gemmy michael myers help

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I have a life size animated Gemmy Michael Myers I need help on mines he does not turn side to side and the waiste
His head moves, eyes, hand with knife but the body (waiste) wont move anyone have one and fixed it? I know Leatherface turns side to side, do does Jason and Freddy and Ghost face! Any help would be appreciated I think its something in the gear box inside the prop maybe a gear stripped ?

Here is how he is suppose to move

Here is how mines exactly moves.
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I'd make another video of him without the costume on if possible. Closeup shots on the mechanism. Like you said something might of slipped or perhaps been stripped or worn down. I'd turn the volume down if possible so others can listen to the mechanism. I'm assuming there will be a bunch of plastic cogs inside. Are there any on strings? Got to see inside and close up.
no volume control on this prop :(
Well listen with your ears near the mechanism. Try not to become a victim. Listen for rattling sounds. I don't know the lingo but if there is only one motor then it obviously has to be interconnected to create the multiple movements. I remember a similar prop that got sent back to me that would not perform a similar movement because the dye-cast metal part has broke in two. There was like a high tension point and it just gave way. I think it's going to be something like this. Have to see pictures of the inner workings though. Others who know way more about mechanics than me would need to as well.
here is a pic no metal in this prop the motor looks like a toy motor I resoldered a wire as you can see they used hot glue I think to hold them in place the motor now works it still doesn't move at the waiste, there are small plastic gears as pictured that make his torso mouth since they are plastic I am thinking the teeth(ridges) on the gear must of cracked? I think I would need a new motor I have no idea where to find one. If anyone can tell me where I can get a toy motor that would help put also I need those plastic gears.


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Well if the motor is working and doesn't sound like it's laboring too much that wouldn't be the problem. I'm just a lay person so it's hard to see what's going on with such a close up shot. Those cogs could be the problem but you'd be able to see if they were worn. I think there is another part that possibly broke. I'm not hip to the terms but look around for some sort of lever hanging loose or a metal post that may be snapped. If something is snapped you don't find the brokn piec but you may see where it broke off. Moving the torso would be the most stressful part of the operation. There has to be some kind of tension point away from the center to allow this. I'm just theorizing but look around for the outer edge for something that may have snapped, like a small metal post.
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