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I think you guys will like this. I walked buy this and gave it a double take. Thinking how could I use this for Halloween as well as Christmas. Then I saw Mp3 compatiple. I was sold! The video is just a Kenny Chesney Christmas song with two table lamps but it has 12 outlets to utilize for your light show. I am thinking for next year to use a light behind my tombstones or a routine with singing pumpkins. The use is endless, not only does it comes complete except a Mp3 player. Very easy to hook up and sounds good. I guess you could run the audio feed to a reciever to better speakers to amplify the sound more. The speaker is a little limited to a point. I am going to use it for Christmas and then utilize it for Halloween. The one sold at Home Depot only does it's factory set Christmas Songs. Oh by the way my wife was under the cover swaying and she did'nt want to move for the video. Sorry!
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