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Gemmy Light Show box?

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As I was searching for lightbulbs for my Zero's nose, I ran across a Gemmy Light Show at WalMart. $68

Looks to be a cheap version of the Light show in a box. 3 channels from what I can tell, pre-programmed with 10 songs. The box didn't have a good photo of the options on the control panel.

But what caught my attention was that it takes MP3 inputs.

THAT could be usefull...

Anyone have any experience with one of these? How does it handle the channels when plugged into an MP3? Say...a little Midnight Syndicate, perhaps?

That 75% off day after christmas sale might be interesting...
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Ah, thanks.

From the thread and videos, appears it's actually 6 channels. Better than I expected.

"It would skip"

Do you mean the show would quit working?

Also, does it sense the music and attempt to synchronize, or does it just randomly turn lights on and off and happen to play the music as well?

Down in the $20 range day after Christmas might be worth a shot if one's left.
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