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I have two smaller Gemmy items for sale, they are the Eyeballs in a Jar and the Hand In Jar prop.
Both are several years old but in very good condition as i am always careful to keep my halloween props carefully packed away. Also I only added water to the jars on the day of our party and then let them dry out good before putting them away
Both are battery operated. The eyeballs float around in the water, when the sensor goes off or button pushed it makes a bubbling sound a blue and green lights blink. According to an ebay listing Gemmy doesnt make this anymore. A magnet is supposed to move the eyeballs around but they really dont move much.
The Hand in the Jar prop features fingers that move when the sensor goes off or the button is pushed. You are supposed to fill it with water as well and the lights blink and it makes sound.
In my opinion they are both in very good condition and have hardly been used. I would only bring them out when my young nephews came to our Halloween party but now i could use the extra room when I start putting everything away.
You can find both of these listed on ebay if you want more info or a better look.
I am selling both together for $20.00. I had the box weighed at the post office. It is 3 lbs and priority shipping to as far away as CA is $15.25 or $12.77 standard post (I'm in NH) Of course cost will depend upon your zip code I do accept paypal, please PM me if interested






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If they are still available... I will take them off your hands....

I am in California so it looks like the $15.25 shipping applies....

Let me know, I can paypal you the money.

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