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GEMMY Halloween Website Up

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Heads up. Gemmy's Halloween website is up finally!! Gemmy

It's different from last year's so far in that right now I'm not seeing a list of retail places that are carrying the different items. I hope they will add the list so you know where to find a particular item.

Actually, the website if very different than it was a few months ago. Gone right now is the Christmas lighting and the area for Support on products. I actually was trying to get some info for someone on the forum and so went to the website and was surprised to see Halloween and shocked that the support was gone. I hope they add that area back too. Obviously the website has recently been updated so maybe they are still working on other parts of it before uploading it. At least now you can see what the 2009 offerings are.
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thanks for the heads up :) what a let down compared to prior years , and no their not gonna make a web site like they use to have i have asked them 1-2 moths ago and wore told they would not do a web site like that anymore .....before they showed where you could find these items and showed alot more items too .....sometimes cutting out on that kind of publicity is not the best way to go ......
I think they should tell people where to get their products. If you see something, and you want it, you want to know where to find it. I can guarnatee that in any food store, they are going to have Lucky Charms cereal. The same is not true with these Halloween products. If I want let's say the Freddy animatronic they had at Walgreens last year, I can't guarnatee they are going to have it at Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Meijer, and so on because those stores have Halloween.

So, not telling people that want your products where they are to me means you could easily have less business. If someone wants one of those figures, and they have no clue where to find it in a store, they are going to give up, and not buy it. Thus, that means the store is going to have more stuff leftover, and say well people went to the Gemmy site, and they won't tell those people that we have there product over here, and they aren't buying it, so let's not buy from Gemmy anymore, and get another animatronic company in our store.

A lot of the times for me, it's the stuff I want that I can't find. I know it's out there, but I have no idea where it's at. I'm not really impressed with the stuff on Gemmy's website, and I seen of the other stuff already, but still.

Does anyone know who else makes animatronics? Who made the Face Ripper, Heads Up Harry, and the other 2 animatronics at Walgreens this year? I want to know what else they make, and wondering what company they are.
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I liike Gemmy, lets see if they have anything I want..
OH SNAP..Gemmy makes the eyeball jar I mentioned in the "show off your purcahses thread"..it's at the Walmart Superstore..picking this up for sure..
Take One is a company that made the kicking legs prop that I purchased last season ($50 retail at BIG LOTS). They do some halloween things but they really don't have much of a website either.

Take One

Truth of the matter is Gemmy is still the big play in the halloween market, but their real market is the retailers they sell to.

I was in Target today and saw some of the resin busts that they had. Not sure who their manufacturer is. I bought one or two last year from Target and boy, this year's stuff is so lightweight and flimsy compared to last year and also a lot smaller too. I was very disappointed in some of the quality I saw.

We can all email Gemmy and say we liked the product finder they had on last year's website and would like to see it back. I'm sure it's a lot more labor intense to update the site with all the vendor info for all the products they make (there were a ton of products on the site last year and not so many this year), and it appears everyone is trying to keep costs down in this economy and let's face it haunters aren't splurging as much this year either. In any event I liked that particular website feature Gemmy had last year a lot.
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anyone use that projector with a fog machine? Walmart has those for 25.00 near me.
Wow, that's a pretty crappy website...
I like the witch with the misting cauldron, the haunted books, and the lighted scary face pumpkin...now I just need to find a rich American online boyfriend..who'll buy me them and ship them to the U.K. lol
Well if I wasnt already married to someone from Manchester........

Her relatives buy me stuff all the time I cant find here in the states (like crunchie bars mmmmmm or HP sauce). I just paypal the funds to them and they ship it to me.
ah another crunchie bar fan, my Husband loves those. I prefer a nice Turkish delight myself.

I bought some American chocolate from ebay once, god it's so sweet. I do love lucky charms cereal though.
she LOVES those too. And the hard licorice candies, cant recall the name of them.
If anyone likes the "life-sized animated witch treater greeter", Michaels has her for $49.99. With your 50% off coupon, she's only $25! Not a bad deal at all!
shes on sale right now for 39.99 so the coupons useless right now. I got the care taker for 65.00 with that coupon though. He is on sale for 99.99 down from 129.99.
Oh really? She wasn't on sale when I bought her yesterday. She was at original price of $49 and I got her for $25 with the coupon. Maybe my Michaels forgot to put her on sale? Hooray for me!! :)
I get so jealous of people using the coupons for Michael's, and it's not what you think. You like something, and you find something you like and buy it with a coupon. For Carsons, if I liked the store, they have 20% stuff with donated goods, Joanne's using Michael's coupons, Factory Card Outlet has $5 off of $20, and Bed, Bath, and Beyond has $5 off of $15, but yet there is nothing I can find at these places that I want.

Instead, I want something from Walgreens (Yes, they have coupons, but not so frequent), Lowe's Black Widow Spider, and I'm probably going to want something from party stores, and maybe Wal-Mart, but they don't have coupons. The places I want stuff from, they don't have th deep discounts like the other plaecs.
Gemmy's 'updated' website is pretty pitiful, in my opinion; not that much in the way of product and the disregard for letting consumers know where they're being sold at is a big letdown.
why dont they have some prices on their site?
Hey, thought I would mention that I was just on Gemmy's website to link to a Giggle Buddy for one of the threads I was posting to and notice that Gemmy is now listing what stores the particular prop is being carried by. I wonder if they were just getting around to it or whether enough people said they missed that feature from last year's site. Hope this info helps some people out.

Gemmy Halloween

BTW I know from looking at the crawling girl prop that they don't list all of the stores because Grandin Road/HSN were carrying her and the dude too and they aren't listed on the site. Plus weren't these at Spirit as well? The executioner as well. I guess Spencers Gifts and Spirit are the same thing essentially since they are sister companies. Still I think Spirit should have been listed along with Spencers. Well, Gemmy, I guess it's a start. Hope you keep adding more.

Woah, just noticed that the Witch stirring cauldron with Mic is being sold at Ace Hardware and Ross! ROSS??!!! I haven't seen this prop here yet? What about you guys? I know ROSS STORE FOR LESS had the mic'd version of the White Haired Guy Spirit Ball when no one else did. Man, they've snagged some good props this year then. BTW Spencers (Spirit) and Walmart are shown having this prop but without the microphone.

Also noticed that Gemmy is listing Canadian stores as well as Brazilian stores!!

Worth a look at what they have posted now.
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I am from Canada..so them doing that is a bonus..
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