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Face Nose Facial expression Head Forehead
Face Forehead Nose Head Cheek
PRICE $ 50.00

Hello everyone. I am posting this for sale. Last year I did have another one posted and ended up taking it off here because it quit working. This one works fine. There is only one small flaw with it, on the head there is a very,very light orange mark. I promise it does not stand out like hey what is that ! But I do want to point out its there. Not scratched or anything just for some reason a little discolored in that spot.

I do have it listed on Ebay, but if a member on here wanted it I would gladly take it off Ebay. I have it listed higher on Ebay due to the fees they take. Shipping will be around 15-17 dollars USPS Standard mail. With tracking I always pay extra to get some tracking with the standard.

The prop works great, honestly did not plan to sell it, but I just have to sell some, to make room for 2015 props. ANY questions at all please ask away !. I am firm on the price though. 50.00 Dollars.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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