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Since I cannot change the thread title I have to write up a new one.

I have added the second set and weighed the box, it does bump up the price of postage but I am selling BOTH sets for $10.00.

I have had these Gemmy Glow Up glow feet for years but have not used them for the past several Halloweens as they no longer have a place in my decorating scheme.

I just plugged them in and they work fine. There are five plastic feet connected by wires and they light up in sequence, not all at once so that it looks like "ghostly" foot steps along the ground. As they were used outdoors they do have some dust and dirt on them. Please keep that in mind.

The ones that are in the Gemmy box DO NOT have the stakes that secure them to the lawn. The second set that are loose without a box, they DO have the lawn stakes (please look at the photos).

One foot on the second set set is missing the original ground stake so I improvised and added my own (see photo). There are a total of 10 lighted feet in two different sets. The two sets cannot be plugged in to each other end to end.

I am asking $10.00 and shipping depends upon your zip code. I sympathize with all when it comes to the cost of shipping but I never charge more for postage, it is calculated based upon the weight of the box and your zip.

If interested please PM me with your zip code and I can get you a price on the postage. I am In New England so the most costly destinations will be on the west coast.

I accept paypal only. If They do not sell over the weekend I will list them on ebay

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