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Gel Covers for Lighting

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I just recently read on the forum about gel covers for outdoor lighting. Can these also be used for indoor recessed lights? I have 12 inside lights and while I have some colored bulbs I would need to get more. I think maybe these gel covers could be a cheaper alternative and storage would be a helluva lot better.

How would they attach to inside ceiling lights? I found a pack on Amazon in different color sheets, I don't mind the variety because I'm doing a carnival theme this year. Any suggestions or advice on using these covers?
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I use gels on my indoor lights all the time. I always try to keep them from touching the lamps (bulbs.) Usually I just slip or clip them into place. I'd be careful around halogen though... keeping a few inches between the gel and the lamp with room for air circulation. With LEDs, you can put the gel right next to the lamp. On my recessed incandescent lights, I just tape the gel across the fixture edge. I use mostly Rosco stage lighting gels bought in 24" x 20" sheets. They last forever and allow you to quickly change color without having the expense of colored bulbs.
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