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GE Lights and Sounds of Christmas

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Is anyone aware of a thread covering the hacking of a GE Lights and Sounds of Christmas to use for Halloween. I know it already has Halloween songs on it, but I'm wondering if it can be hacked in a way to use it for a lightning/thunder device or anything else cool like that? I wish my brain worked like a lot of you that can hack a spoon into an FCG!
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I have gemmys version that has 12 channels (6X2) and I use it for singing pumpkins, with this one it has a mp3 input...This years GE version also has a mpe input.
Troy, do you have any video posted of your pumpkins in action? I just bought the Gemmy and wanted to see how well it worked with singing pumpkins since some of the threads have been less than kind to the Gemmy product. Thanks in advance.
I've got the Gemmy Light Show Box with the MP3 input, but haven't really played with it much.
I know some people have had problems with their MP3 players not making the lights flash like they should, but that problem was solved by adding an amplifier between the MP3 and the Light Box. Radio Shack sells them for around $28.00 I think.
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