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Hi guys, sorry couldn't help myself with the title of the thread.
My names Daniel and I've been lurking around for a while watching what's going on. Halloween is just starting to get bigger in Australia with more and more stuff available ever year! This year will be our 3rd Halloween party/haunted garage and I thought I should probably join up to share the build process!

Previous years have been mostly manually operated but this year I'm aiming for at least some degree of automation.
I'll be buying one of those 12ch remote control switches from ebay in the next few weeks, which I'm hoping to use to control as many elements of my maze as possible.
I think one of my biggest hurdles with it will be controlling my smoke machines using it. I'm not sure if anyone's done something like this yet, but I'm aiming to use an arduino to monitor the status of the LED light on my smoke machine and then have a switch to choose between a few options (constant smoke, remote smoke trigger or temporary smoke remote trigger) and let the arduino do the rest, but more on that later.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing some feedback as I begin to work on my maze!

- Daniel
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