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Gday from Oz

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Well hello everyone!! I am a Canadian living in Australia. I stumbled across this forum and thank godness I did as I have had sooo many questions and no one to answer any..

I am holding my 30th birthday on Oct 31st. Yaaa. I have decided to show the Australians how halloween should be done. lol.

I am inviting aprx 45 people and planning on doing up my whole house and outdoor area. Trying to find some decorations has been the really hard part as some people do not ship to Australia.. Frustrating to say the least. Not to mention can be expensive.. Hoping to make alot of my own props and not spend a cazillion.. lol. (Is that possible? )

I am hoping to attach a pic of my back yard on one of the posts to try and get feedback on what to do. I planning this mostly on my own and only have 44 days left to sort it out , so expect to see me on here alot. October is warming up and i hoping to make use of our large pool in a scary way somehow..

I have yet to sort out a costume yet... Hoping to not leave it too late.

I just wanted to say hello and hope you all can help me.

Talk soon.

Tams : )

Btw did I mention how excited I am?? lol
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Hi and welcome to the forum!

Welcome Spookytams.......you have found the right home......post your questions & everybody here is very helpful!

the Muffster
Hi! Welcome to the forum family!
Thanks everyone for the welcome! I look forward to participating in this forum! :)
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