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G'day from Australia

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Hi Everyone,
I'm looking forward to getting on here and checking out all the fun stuff. :) Halloween here in Australia is growing each year, but I really got into it around 6 years ago decorating all my front yard up. First year I had probably 20 kids. Last year I had over 100 and that number will grow this year due to it falling on a Saturday. I add to the yard decorations every year, and mostly make all mine due to things being incredibly expensive here, and limited choice of stock. Most places don't stock halloweenie stuff :(

I "visit" the supermarkets in the States every Halloween, as my friend indulges me by taking me "virtual shopping". LOVE LOVE LOVE my Halloween pic's and vid's sent through text messages.

But without further ado... Thanks so much for having an awesome page, and I'll catch you all at some point no doubt, sooner or later.
Cheers, and have a good one.

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